Ever wonder why some leaders are so successful? Why some leaders can simply motivate with a speech while others struggle to even do it with actions! We bring you the mantra to be a successful leader. We all have some hidden talents, all it needs is a tool to carve it out from ourselves! The “Essentials of Leadership” program is that tool you need, come join our training on 4th & 5th October 2021 and allow yourself to be sculpted.

Complete details of the course can be found here: https://learnandlead.lv/the-essentials-of-new-leadership/

Program Schedule: 4th & 5th October 2021, Lessons from 9 am to 15:30 pm with coffee & lunch breaks. The program fee including 21% VAT is Eur 351

Venue:  Starptautiskā Kosmetoloģijas koledža, Turiba building 68 C, 1st floor, Room 114, Graudu Iela, Riga 1058

Hurry up, do not miss the chance and book your course by filling up the registration form below

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