Starptautiskā Kosmetoloģijas koledža On 20th & 21st December 2021, welcomed our project partners to the first introductory meet (online-Zoom). This project is aimed towards promoting knowledge sharing culture in learning organizations.

“Promoting knowledge-sharing culture in Learning organisations”
The main aim of the project is a transformation of an educational institution to SMART Learning organization, while supporting the learning/sharing process between organizations and people. On the general level, KNOWLO project targets several objectives:

  1. To boost the innovative potential in vocational education
  2. To provide a new and innovative system and methodology for training/learning and sharing which can stimulate vocational education, adult education
  3. To provide the possibility to think out of the box by sharing/learning innovative ideas and methods from other types of educational organizations (universities, elementary schools, private adult education providers, etc.)
  4. To help the educational organizations create an environment of excellence and become the Learning organizations
  5. To enhance the human capital in Learning organizations
  6. To help the Learning organizations to network with other similar thinking organizations across Europe
    KNOWLO is supported by Erasmus+ programme and the partners are STARPTAUTISKA KOSMETOLOGIJAS KOLEDZA, Latvia (lead project coordinator); EUROFORTIS IT, Latvia; HARMONY ACADEMY, Slovakia; CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF RUZOMBEROK, Slovakia; SCHOLA EMPIRICA ZS, Czech Republic; EURORESO, Italy.

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