What is Learn & Lead?

Learn & Lead is a network of language schools and individual trainers operating across internationally. It opens up new job opportunities to language teachers and trainers and upgrades language schools to a higher level of quality and service. 

It was founded by “Jana Chynoradska” and her team at (HARMONY ACADEMY) in Trnava, Slovakia back in 2010. Today Learn & Lead represents a functional school management model and language schools are invited to connect in order to grow and develop better and more valuable language training services across worldwide.

Learn & Lead project activities operate on the international level and directly involve the development of new methods and procedures.  By working in partnership with leading European institutions access is provided to the latest knowledge and trends in the fields of education and training. Established knowledge allows us to set up programs for trainers, teachers and managers according to their specific needs and offer them highly productive training at the highest level.

Our Services

Individual Attention

To improve the learning experience of the learners by personal attention & mentorship.

Quality Standards

All the Learn & Lead (courses)are conducted by highly trained and certified trainers from “Learn & Lead Center of Innovation”.

Life Long Learning

The aim is to support the “Life Long Learning” platform of European Union and deliver the society a skilled and digitally capable workforce of all ages.

Learn & Lead mission

Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools and expertise to enable all their people to be the best they can be, to constantly evolve and to embrace transformation.

Learn & Lead vision

Our vision is to create inspiring learning environments by improving the performance of individuals and organizations, notably in the areas of strategic development, organizational management, leadership, and in the quality of learning provision, internationalization, equality and inclusion.

What Learn & Lead offers

Learn & Lead is an additional extension module for managing the smart language schools of the 21st century. It brings considerable benefits to all the school stakeholders and guarantees sustainable growth and development.

For Students 

  • Individual support and tailor-made tuition
  • High quality and broad-minded trainers
  • Friendly and supportive service

Trainers & Teachers

  • Continuing professional development
  • Career path
  • Transparent assessment and evaluation


  • Collaborative and co-operative environment
  • Excellence in action
  • People-centered approach

Business owners

  • Sustainable development internationally
  • People and business development in synergy
  • Lifelong learning system interconnected with performance, quality and finance