The major difference that sets Learn & Lead apart from other schools and institutions is our L&L community. At Learn & Lead we are focused on fostering a community where the learners are motivated as well as appreciated and awarded for their progress. The L&L community is structured in such a way that it opens up many avenues for the learners to build a positive and an encouraging social network of friends locally and internationally.

Global Outreach

The L&L community has a global outreach, where the learners come in from various parts of the world such as Europe, USA, UK. International inclusion gives learner a chance to collaborate ideas and create an international network.

Monthly Evaluation

The L&L community every month host a social meet up where the enrolled current participants get a chance to interact with their team members, mentors as well as alumni. The aim of the monthly meet is to evaluate the skills of the learners.

L&L Awards

The L&L awards have various categories such as best performer, best leader, and many more. The awards are given yearly & learners who have completed their course during the academic period are awarded as per the nomination & votes received.