The idea to bring a “Change”, starts from within, and therefore “International College of Cosmetology”, joined hands with Learn & Lead Centre of Innovation Slovakia to initiate this change. The L&L courses are committed towards bringing this change by the means of implementing the appropriate blend of strategies and policies that will steer the contemporary skills of individuals, teachers, learners, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs in a direction that is more sustainable, digital and at the same time attracts more jobs, brings more business opportunities and supports the country’s economic growth. In order to deliver all this, “International College of Cosmetology”, under the guidance and leadership of their leader (Marika Gederte), has set out its mission to be one of the best education and training service provider for Latvia.

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Starptautiskā Kosmetoloģijas koledža is The Official Lead Project Coordinator for #KNOWLOW KA-02 Project.

Starptautiskā Kosmetoloģijas koledža On 20th & 21st December 2021, welcomed our project partners to the first introductory meet (online-Zoom). This project is aimed towards promoting knowledge sharing culture in learning organizations. “Promoting knowledge-sharing culture in Learning organisations”The main aim of the project is a transformation of an educational institution to SMART Learning organization, while supporting…

“Learn & Lead, transforming professionals into experts”

The Learn & Lead programs are designed taking into consideration needs of each and every organization and individuals. We are constantly committed in delivering the best to make you the best. Our innovative & unique approach of teaching & training has been widely supported, appreciated and adopted by many organizations across Europe. Developing your skills…