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The Leaders, Developers & Trainers of Learn & Lead

We are proud to announce that the August batch of Learn & Lead essentials of communication and a new leadership has been successfully accomplished. Participants from countries like Croatia, Latvia & Slovakia participated and admirably acquired their certification after completing a week long training from 23rd to 27th September 2021. The program took place in Bratislava (Slovakia) which is the home country for Learn & Lead. To become a L&L trainer contact us by filling up the the contact me form on our website or simply drop an email on, for the latest course dates and updates follow us on our social media platforms to stay tuned.

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International College of Cosmetology offers new service

International College of Cosmetology launches Learn & Lead courses in (Latvia). Learn & Lead is a network of language schools and individual trainers operating across internationally and together with Learn & Lead centre of innovation, we introduce a revolutionary approach towards learning. We are changing the traditional structure of modern education system into a more dynamic one to help teachers, […]