The main goal of this program is to develop participants awareness of their individual roles and responsibilities within the organization, while helping them to define and create a motivating and effective learning environment in which they all aim to achieve common SMART goals.

What you will learn

This course will teach you to understand yourself in the context of others, realize the relationship of freedom vs responsibility, and strengthen your self-confidence in interacting with others. You will develop an awareness of how you can communicate effectively with others and strengthen your ability to listen to others.

Programme Content

  • Stephen Covey’s paradigm of the whole person.
  • Closures and assumptions in communication. How do you see it?
  • Roles and responsibilities of the participants.
  • Challenges in real life and their possible solutions.
  • Case studies of effective and successful communication.
  • Happy teachers, happy managers, happy parents and students.
  • Final presentations, evaluation, summary.
  • Action plan for the future.

Target group

The course is designed for principals, managers, trainers and teachers in different types of schools or educational institutions; project managers; business people; educational innovators in any sector of education and industry.

English Language skills requirements

B1 (intermediate) +

Number of participants

8 to 15

Author & Trainer

Jana Chynoradska

Course Schedule



Mode of instruction:

Price: Eur 290 + 21% VAT

Place: International College of Cosmetology 68 C, Graudu Iela, Riga 1058 (Latvia).

Phone: +371 26378425

Contact Person: Mudassir Arafat


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